Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fashion Inspiration Wall Collage

      So, over this long President's Day weekend I decided to get creative and do something with this blank wall space in my room.  I was all over Pinterest looking for the best DIY wall collage and was just about ready to order some expensive Polaroid prints online when I was inspired by my Teen Vogue magazines.  I just got this month's issue in the mail and decided to throw some fashion inspiration on the wall.  I am overjoyed with the result and love the pop of color and high fashion.  (Of course I had to throw Dylan O'Brien in there too).  I used several issues from the past year or so of Teen Vogue to get these pictures and I recommend that you use pages of the same size if you want to create a symmetric look.  I hope you like this as much as I do!

  In addition to the wall art, I also included my statement necklaces.  I recently ordered a bunch of them from Charming Charlie's and am so excited to wear them.  Winter has lasted way too long and I desperately need to start incorporating spring colors to cheer me up.  Watch out for the necklaces in upcoming fashion posts!  And I hope spring comes sooner for the rest of you! -Grace <3

                                         P.S. I thought I'd introduce you to my cat Cooper!


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